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How to set up H2O wireless access point settings for android

If it happens that you use your phone to make calls and send texts only without connecting to the Internet or sending MMS, it is probably because your phone may not be network-capable or possibly you have not yet found a working APN for your device. Follow the instructions below to set up your H2O…

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How to get Roblox to look like mobile on windows

While playing Roblox on Windows and on mobile can feel like playing two Completely dissimilar games. So many mobile players wish they could play the Windows PC version in the same way as the mobile app for smartphones and tablets. However, is this really achievable? Below you will find out how to set up Roblox…

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How to Play Emergency Response Liberty County on Mobile

Are you a fan of Roblox games?Some day you might want to play one of your favorite games like “Emergency Response: Liberty County” that you previously tried on your PC or computer, but on this particular day, you might have missed your PC somewhere.Or perhaps you don’t own a computer, you only play on your…

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How to Reset Roblox Without Losing Your Settings and Fix Issues

Roblox is a worldwide social platform that unites gamers every day to explore, build, and play games, but it’s also a platform full of issues related to Roblox games, like crashing, freezing, not launching, not loading, blurring, etc. These several errors prevent you from playing properly, and after several unsuccessful solutions you are required to…

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How to Turn ON and OFF Roblox 2 step verification

With Roblox 2 step verification, even if someone has your Roblox account password, he will never access your account from any device because he will need the verification code that Roblox will send you via email or from an authenticator app every time the login was from a new device, that you can’t log into…

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How to Stop Roblox Online Game from Crashing

Roblox online game allows you to play, create and have fun from different devices like Mobile phones, tablets, Mac, PC, and iOS. But sometimes it happens that you leave Roblox games suddenly, you are playing with pleasure and suddenly Roblox stop, and you are out of the game without knowing where the problem comes from,…

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How to Download Roblox Online Game and Play

Roblox online game is the most innovative application in the world, it is suitable for download on several varieties of devices such as mobile devices, Mac and Windows PC, giving access to thousands of fun experiences on its platform and allowing more players to create and have fun from different devices. If you receive a…

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How to Clear Browsing History or Delete Search History on PC

Monitor history and other browsing data is easy to control, such as saved form entries and remove all your data or just some of it from a specific time. To clear browsing history on your computer, first, you will need to turn off the synchronization mode, since the items that are synchronized will be deleted…

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How To Disable Your Web Browser Extensions / Plugins / Add-Ons

Problems with websites are often caused by third-party add-ons for your web browser. These may also be called “Extensions” or “Plugins”, depending on the browser you have chosen. A browser extension is a small software application that brings a new feature or functionality to a web browser. With browser extensions, you can control how websites…

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How to Apply for US Citizenship and Have Your US Naturalization

After achieving your first dream of living in the United States of America, and after years of learning the new Rules, Laws, Politics, Geography and General Customs and Habits of the country, you are probably waiting to realize your second dream: To become a citizen of the United States of America and hold an American…

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How to Qualify for a Large Tax Credit Refund

Once the previous year ends and the new year begins, most Americans start to worry about how much they are going to earn from the tax returns or how much they have to pay. If you haven’t already filed your tax for this year, you should check if you are qualified for this temporary relief…

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