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Should I Let My Child Play Roblox Online Game?

The gaming world has never attracted my attention, to be honest I never thought of writing a post about games, but since my goal is to share my experience with everyone especially parents who don’t know what to do with their children and the games they like to play online in their iPad or tablets,…

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How to Apply for US Citizenship and Have Your US Naturalization

After achieving your first dream of living in the United States of America, and after years of learning the new Rules, Laws, Politics, Geography and General Customs and Habits of the country, you are probably waiting to realize your second dream: To become a citizen of the United States of America and hold an American…

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How to Qualify for a Large Tax Credit Refund

Once the previous year ends and the new year begins, most Americans start to worry about how much they are going to earn from the tax returns or how much they have to pay. If you haven’t already filed your tax for this year, you should check if you are qualified for this temporary relief…

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