How to Check your Roblox Server Status for Potential Outages

You’re sitting as usual playing your favorite game, then suddenly you’re removed from the game.
Or maybe it’s time for your regular game but you’re completely unable to log in despite entering your password and username correctly. You’ll get so confused when you enter the password thinking you’ve made a mistake that you’ll even think about changing it.
No internet!? How is this possible when everyone is connected except you! That means the problem isn’t actually with you.
Do you ever ask everyone in your family if they have internet? The worst if someone plays Roblox perfectly and you’re the only one who has this problem!
What happens if you’re already in the game, suddenly you’re disconnected and asked to leave or reconnect. Obviously, you’re going to reconnect despite all the stress you’ve been through, but you’re going to be disconnected all over again…
You’ve already changed your avatar, but your old avatar remains. Maybe you bought new accessories, but your purchase disappeared.
How and why does this happen? Is it you or is it Roblox?
Playing an online game all the time without problems is fun but impossible. Yes, impossible not only on Roblox platform but on all game platforms.

There are many different issues, and I’ve only mentioned some of them. For this reason, I’d like to make things a bit clearer in this article when explaining these problems linked to the breakdown of the Roblox server or other reasons.

First, I’m going to start with the errors that have nothing to do with the Roblox breakdown but with malfunctions in understanding or using the platform.

  • If you send a friend request to a player who has reached the maximum number of friends allowed (200 Friends) in his account, you will receive an error.
  • If you want to have or buy an item that you already own, you will receive the reply that the item is already owned. You should also be aware that you can never have an item that you have already deleted, exchanged or sold, in this case the update will do its job.
  • If you try to view a restricted page that you do not have permission to see, you will receive denied access.
  • If your IP address is invalid, the response will be an error and you will have to try again.
  • If the web request made by the device is incorrect, you will have a response with your bad request.
  • If you try to join a server in a private game, the response is always impossible.

Now, here are a few issues related to Roblox (Not Your Error):

*Error on the Avatar page.
*Error during registration.
*Error 500 due to an internal server.
*Error 503 due to Roblox failure or downtime.
*Error 504 due to the Roblox page not working.
*Error in Maintenance
*Error loading game pass.

How to check the current Roblox problems?

The first thing to do to find out if Roblox has any problems at the real time and to be sure that the fault does not come from you is to check the issue reports in Roblox status itself. It gives you an idea of the current and historical status of any problem by date and time with the degree of the situation: Operational, Degraded Performance, Partial Outage, Major Outage and Maintenance.

Here are some examples:

➤All Systems Operational for User, player, and creator (Green)
➤We are investigating the issue:
Incident Status: Service Disruption (Red)
Components: User, Player, Creator
Locations: Website, Mobile App, Xbox App, Games, Studio, Asset Delivery, Data Store, Game Join, Avatar, Dashboard, Talent, Documentation, Forum, Marketplace
➤PlayStation users currently experiencing issues
Incident Status: Partial Service Disruption (Orange)
Components: Player
Locations: Games
➤Multiple components are down
Incident Status: Degraded Performance (Yellow)
Components: User, Player, Creator
Locations: Website, Mobile App, Xbox App, Games, Studio, Asset Delivery, Data Store, Game Join, Avatar, Dashboard, Talent, Documentation, Forum, Marketplace

You can use the filter to restrict your search.

The second thing you can use is Downdetector. Simply use it to report and check breakdowns reported in real time by other players. Select the option you’re having trouble with, such as server connection, gameplay, the Roblox website or something else.

Finally, in addition to all of the above, you can use freshstatus to check the upcoming Roblox maintenance.

You can always contact Roblox customer service at if your issue continues or if you have any questions.

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