How to Play Emergency Response Liberty County on Mobile

Are you a fan of Roblox games?
Some day you might want to play one of your favorite games like “Emergency Response: Liberty County” that you previously tried on your PC or computer, but on this particular day, you might have missed your PC somewhere.
Or perhaps you don’t own a computer, you only play on your mobile, you heard about this amazing game from your friend or from somewhere and you are excited to try it out.
What if you only have your mobile device?

Can you play emergency response liberty county on mobile?
No need to worry! We have the solution for you!
You are going to discover how to play Emergency Response Liberty County on mobile with some simple and easy steps that you will do to change the settings of your mobile and make it look like a PC.

Emergency Response Liberty County is a special Roblox gameplay that covers almost all emergency services in any society, and you can choose your roleplay from several jobs, such as a transportation officer, police officer, sheriff, firefighter, farmer and hospital staff.

Please grab your mobile device and follow the steps below to start playing your Roblox emergency response liberty county roleplay.

To start, go to your Roblox app and choose your game “Emergency Response: Liberty County“.

Game name: ❄ Emergency Response: Liberty County / By Police Roleplay Community

You will find that this game is blocked. When you click on the green button, you get the message: “This experience cannot be visited with your device“.

Now, you have to activate the “developer mode” on your device.
->Go to “Settings“.
->Select “About device” or “About phone“.

->Select “Software information” (Depends on your mobile device, it can be found on Samsung Galaxy).

->Tap “Build number” seven times (Located at the bottom).
Go back to settings to check for “Developer options” that will be shown this time (It was hidden).

->Select “Developer options

->Turn on “Developer options“.

Now let’s change Screen pixel density for your device.

->Go to “Minimum width” located at the bottom.

->Change the number you have to “500” dp (density pixel).
->Press “OK“.

Back to your Roblox app and check if your game has been unlocked. If not, exit and enter to refresh your app.

Close the open Roblox window and open your Roblox app again.

Tutorial Video


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  1. ow this acually worked

    1. This is perfect, enjoy it!

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