How to Reset Roblox Without Losing Your Settings and Fix Issues

These several errors prevent you from playing properly, and after several unsuccessful solutions you are required to reset Roblox, especially if the application is corrupted.

Reset Roblox may be required to restore your game functionality to its full potential and to clear some version/crash info that might be causing your issues.

How to reset Roblox?

Roblox reset can be done easily without affecting other settings with 3 different steps:

👉Clear Roblox registry entries

There are two ways to clear Roblox registry entries Automatic and Manual.

-> Copy and paste the two following lines into in the Notepad window that opens:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

-> Click on “File” located in the upper left corner of the Notepad window.

-> Click on “save as“, to save your notepad file with the extension name “.reg“, in your desktop (The file name is “.reg“).

-> Go now to your desktop.

-> Search for the file name “.reg“.

-> Right click on “.reg“.

-> Click on “Merge“.

if you get a warning message, just press “OK” and follow the instructions after the explanation of the manual method.

➤ To manually delete entries from the Roblox registry, you can proceed as follows:

You will clear your Roblox registry entries from registry editor.

-> Click on “Windows + R” shortcut key and type in “regedit” (to launch the registry editor).

-> Press “OK

-> Registry editor window pop up.


-> Select “SOFTWARE“.

-> Right click on “Roblox corporation” and delete it.

Very important: Don’t delete your “Roblox key” because it basically stores some studio settings, and the colors of your script editor will be reset too.

👉Clear Roblox App Data files

To clear Roblox app data files, do the following:

-> Click on “Windows + R” shortcut key.

-> Type in “%LocalAppdata%\Roblox“.

-> Press “OK“.

-> Delete “ClientSettings”, “Download“, “LocalStorage” and “Versions” folders in the Roblox file’s window.

👉Clear Roblox Cache files

Clearing Roblox’s cache will solve any problems caused by a corrupted cache.

To clear your Roblox cache files, do the following:

-> Click on “Windows + R” shortcut key (to open the Run dialog box).

-> Type in “%Temp%\Roblox“.

-> Press “OK“.

-> Select all the files using “Ctrl + A” hotkey in the Roblox file’s window.

-> Delete all the files now.

Closing words:

After completing these three steps, open the Roblox application to verify that your problem has been solved.

I hope this will solve a small problem with Roblox crashing on startup and allow you to play your game without restriction.

Video Tutorial:

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