Best Roblox Games to Play Online

The Roblox platform offers a variety of games from different categories such as building games, fighting games, sports games, military games, horror games, comedy games, naval games, skate park games, city and town games, western games, medieval games, and more. You can browse the different lists of All Roblox games to find your favorite game.

In this article you will find a list of the most popular Roblox games with links and descriptions attached to each one.

Roblox Vibe Rooftop DANCE / MUSIC:

Roblox Vibe Rooftop is a game where you can listen to music, song, dance, swim, change your clothes, watch a big TV, enjoy the light everywhere.

Game’s Name: Vibe Rooftop / By Trendsetter

Game’s Link: Vibe Rooftop

Roblox County Jail Roleplay:

County Jail Roleplay is a prison roleplay, where you can choose the role of a policeman, sheriff, or swat in a civilian team that arrests criminals and puts them in jail with the help of its powerful weapons.

In this video, you will see Roblox county jail roleplay where a police officer (RobYas1) puts the criminals in jail.

Game’s Name: County Jail Roleplay / By @xTheBlockerx

Game’s Link: County Jail Roleplay

Roblox Emergency Response Liberty County Police / Swat:

Roblox emergency response liberty county, it’s a special Roblox gameplay that covers almost all emergency services in any society, and you can choose your roleplay from several jobs, such as a transportation officer, police officer, sheriff, firefighter, farmer, swat, and hospital staff. There is also mafia and criminals.

Game’s Name: ❄ Emergency Response: Liberty County / By Police Roleplay Community

Game’s Link: Emergency Response Liberty County

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Roblox Police Sim NYC:

Roblox Police sim NYC is actually role-playing law enforcement (police, swat, FBI…) game in Midtown South, Manhattan, where you can drive your car, helicopter around the streets of New York, experience simple shooting combat, as well as discover new weapons & guns and other special equipment (gear) for your role against the mafia, bank robbers…

Game’s Name: POLICESIM🗽NYC / By @TheDEVbranch

Game’s Link: Police Sim NYC


Roblox Police Simulator Alpha:

You are going to experience funny moments of pro gameplay where Roblox best player swat Vip attacks criminals! Enjoy the roleplay as a cop and arrest criminals to put them in prison, go to the fire department, be a sheriff’s office, drive a car or a helicopter.

In this video, you will see Roblox Police Simulator Alpha where a police officer (RobYas) hunts down criminals.

Game’s Name: Police Simulator [Alpha] / By One Man Navy

Game’s Link: Police Simulator Alpha

Roblox The Seven Hour War:

Roblox The Seven Hour War is a game where a soldier attacks the monsters and the Bulgarian military, with the script, dropship, strider, and game pass. Enjoy the 7-hour war roleplay of military or police officer, drive a car or a helicopter.

Game’s Name: The Seven Hour War / By [λ] Half-Life Roleplay

Game’s Link: The Seven Hour War

Roblox polybattle gameplay / [WAR GEARS] POLYBATTLE:

Roblox polybattle gameplay / [WAR GEARS] POLYBATTLE is one of the most elaborate shooting games from Roblox, you will find vehicles, tanks, trucks, weapons, and maps that work in rotation, and a variety of different classes for the soldiers. You are going to experience funny moments of pro gameplay with Roblox best player, tips, sniper, have many varieties of guns, weapons, and drive vehicles like a car or a helicopter.

Game’s Name: [WAR GEARS] POLYBATTLE / By Moonlight Interactive.


Roblox mano county police patrol [👮]:

Roblox mano county police patrol is a game where a police officer responds to an emergency call to hunt down criminals. You are going to experience funny moments of pro gameplay where Roblox best player swat Vip attacks criminals and saves someone’s life! Enjoy the roleplay at the fire department or sheriff’s office, drive a car or a helicopter.

Game’s Name: [👮] Mano County Police Patrol / By Mano County Sheriff’s Office|| RP Server.

Game’s Link: Mano County Police Patrol

Roblox CRIMINAL VS SWAT gameplay:

Roblox CRIMINAL VS SWAT is a game where you are going to experience funny moments of pro gameplay where Roblox best player swat Vip attacks criminals.

In this video, you will see Roblox Criminal VS Swat gameplay where swat’s officer (RobYas) will hunt down criminals.

Game’s Name: CRIMINAL VS. SWAT / By @Wolfpaq


Roblox escape squid game running head:

Escape Squid Game Running Head is a scary game where a monster can follow you and you always have to run away. This game has several different stages with the appearance of new elements like:

– Stage 6 – Blood Stage

– Stage 7 – INVISIBLE / New Killer

– Stage 8 – PARKOUR

– Stage 9 – KILL PARTS

– Stage 10 – LAVA

– Stage 11 – Ice

– Stage 12 – GIANTS

– Stage 13 – KILLERS

– Stage 14 – SPIDERS


– Stage 16 – FrontMan


– Stage 18 – Jumping


– Stage 20 – Spiders

Enjoy this squid game Roblox funny moments.

Game’s Name: Escape Squid Game Running Head / By Gab Entertainment

Game’s Link: Escape Squid Game Running Head

Roblox Brookhaven:

Play the role you want in real life, by owning a house, cool vehicles, and exploring the city in RP. It will be very fun to change your Roblox avatar and become like a giant who sees things from above and feel strong and powerful like a real giant. From skinny or small to large, fat, strong, and big avatar.

Let’s see how to do this and have a large and fat Roblox body with an example from fat to super strong in Roblox Brookhaven rp.

Game’s Name: Brookhaven 🏡RP / By @Wolfpaq

Game’s Link: Brookhaven RP

Roblox Adopt me is a game that shows a part of real life and family in a magical world and animation where you can get free pets that you can earn every week, have money to dress and feed them as well as buy and decorate your house besides always playing with your friends.

Game’s Name: Adopt Me! / By DreamCraft

Game’s Link: Adopt Me!

Roblox Color Block Gameplay:

Have funny moments playing this color stage game with your friends by running to the colors that appear. However, once the time runs out, you lose by standing on the wrong color. Finally, the last player standing in the game wins!

Game’s Name: Color Block / By @11aganfy

Game’s Link: Color Block

Roblox growing up:

In this gameplay you can explode underground and create tunnels by capturing the flag of the enemies, you can become even stronger by unlocking weapons and guns that will allow you to protect the flag of your team from capture, get money fast, redeem free codes with the event in the last update.

Game’s Name: 💥 Flag Wars! / By Scriptly Studios™

Link to play this game: Flag wars

Roblox Teddy:

In this gameplay, you will hear the footsteps, and voice of a giant scary (outfits) bear that will follow you to kill you even at daycare. This horror game makes your escape fast by listening to sound effects and scary music.

Game’s Name: Teddy / By @GnomeCode

Link to play this game: Roblox teddy

Rainbow Friends Survival Big Piggy Island:

In this gameplay with music, you should escape and survive a big pig. In order to do this challenge, you have to use tips like gears located near the point of origin. Let’s see how much survival (survive purple, green, and orange) time you can get by escaping from the monsters that will chase you and from which you have to run away or fly away every time they appear to stay alive.

Game’s Name: Rainbow Friends Survival Big Piggy Island 😱! / By @Vincelate123

Link to play this game: Rainbow Friends Survival Big Piggy Island

Roblox murderers vs sheriffs:

In this gameplay, you will choose to be a murderer, or a sheriff and you will spend all the time shooting your gun at each other. You can play this game on a mobile, or computer…learn tips, on how to be a pro, skins, script kill all, and update, in these funny moments of the gameplay.

Game’s Name: Murderers vs. Sheriffs / By @Rinpix

Link to play this game: Murderers vs sheriffs

Roblox survive and kill the killers in area 51!!!

Roblox Doors:

This Roblox gameplay is a very special horror game involving doors memes and ending, jumpscares, monsters, songs, and music. When the light flakes this means the monster is coming (scary moments), there is epilepsy and sound warning so run away (speedrun)and save your Life.

Game’s Name: DOORS 👁️ / By LSPLASH

Link to play this game: Doors

Roblox banana eats:

In this gameplay, there is a killer banana that can eat you if you don’t escape, so hide from the banana, complete hidden puzzles, discover secrets, jumpscares, script, and escape when the exits open to pass the test like funny moments in real life. You can even get unlimited bonus coins each time you move to a new level.

Game’s Name: Banana Eats🎲 [Power-Ups] / By @RyCitrus

Link to play this game: Banana eats

Roblox Dragon Ball Ultimate Clash:

This gameplay is inspired by “the old Dragon Ball Rage Rebirth 2”, and you can fight your enemies or anyone in a fun way with codes and script. Game’s Name: DragonBall: Ultimate Clash / By Defunction Studios

Link to play this game: Dragon ball

Roblox don’t press the piggy head:

This game is a little different because of its name, which prevents you from pressing the pig’s head, otherwise unexpected things can happen, such as things (Rocks….) that fall on your head and can even put you in a difficult situation.

Game’s Name: Don’t Press The Piggy Head / By Dont Press The Piggy head Club

Link to play this game: Don’t Press The Piggy Head

Roblox SCP games and SCP monsters:

SCP games and SCP monsters have a Lot of SCP Monsters and 5 SCP BOSS Monsters who spawn every 8 minutes that you can kill by using SCP facility outfits and weapons or spawn in the SCP laboratory. But you may also be an SCP Monster by finding a room with the name “Free SCP Morph” or “Gamepass and Morph Room”.

Game’s Name: SCP Games and SCP Monsters / By @lolbuih

Link to play this game: SCP Games and SCP Monsters

Roblox escape the farm obby:

Roblox escape the farm obby is one of the best escape games, it’s a fun game full of obstacles in which you will be forced to walk, run and jump continuously in long parkour of several stages to be able to exit a farm.

Game’s Name: Escape The Farm Obby (NEW) / By cοfi

Link to play this game: Escape The Farm Obby

Barry’s prison run (first person obby):

In this gameplay, you can work your way through 25 challenging obstacles and win to escape from prison after running away from evil. At the end and after finishing the game in easy mode, you can switch to hard mode with more obstacles and tricks to overcome.

Game’s Name: BARRY’S PRISON RUN! (First Person Obby!) / By @PlatinumFalls

Link to play this game: Barry’s prison run (first person obby )

Roblox pick a door:

Roblox pick a door is a game where you’ll try your chance to choose the doors you need to enter and exit through other doors, trying to stay alive with a 50/50 chance until the end. Surprises at the end.

Game’s Name: 🚪50/50 Pick A Door! / By @RbxStockLeys

Link to play this game: Pick a door


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