How to Stop Roblox Online Game from Crashing

How to Stop Roblox Online Game from Crashing

Roblox online game allows you to play, create and have fun from different devices like Mobile phones, tablets, Mac, PC, and iOS. But sometimes it happens that you leave Roblox games suddenly, you are playing with pleasure and suddenly Roblox stop, and you are out of the game without knowing where the problem comes from, or you stay in your place or do not access your account even if your data are all correct.

Several factors are the reason for these unexpected problems and of course they do not come from you but from your device which one fact or more must be fixed to avoid all these troubles.

This article has solutions on how to stop Roblox from crashing on your device and maybe the end of your Roblox troubleshooting.

►How to stop Roblox from

crashing on Android

Using the Roblox app, it is possible to play a variety of fun Roblox games in different categories. Some of the games in the library include RPGs, adventure games, MMOs, racing games, shooting games, and more.

Besides, it allows you to watch animations, movies and various kinds of digital content.

The software emphasizes continuous interactive communication.

As a gamer on Android, you also participate in the same games as your friends on Mac, PC, and iOS, which means you can enjoy a game anywhere, along with any player on the globe.

If you are experiencing any troubles in your Roblox android app, try the following five solutions one by one.

Close Roblox application and re-open it

Open your application manager or task manager.

Go to:

-> Settings

-> Apps: Find Roblox among your apps, or search for it.

-> Roblox

-> Force stop

Reboot your android device

-> Turn off your device

-> Tap on Power Off

-> Wait 30 seconds

-> Press the power button to turn back on your device

-> Reopen Roblox application

Reinstall Roblox Application

-> Open Google Play Roblox

-> Find Roblox

-> Type Uninstall

-> Stay on this page until the uninstallation is complete

-> Press the Install button

-> Reopen Roblox application

Clear your Roblox application data

Open your application manager or task manager.

Go to:

-> Settings

-> Apps

-> Roblox

-> Storage

-> Clear data

Make sure your android’s date and time are correct

Go to:

-> Settings

-> Find your time and date

-> update them if not

-> Re-try Roblox

►How to stop Roblox from

crashing on laptop

For Windows, Roblox has an integrated browser function, where you can search for games and creations more easily and without having too much trouble.

If Roblox web keeps crashing and won’t stop bugging on your computer, it may be due to one of the following problems, the solutions to which are listed below.

Should you encounter any difficulties playing Roblox, for example:

✦Is Roblox not found by your browser?

✦You are invited to install Roblox again despite having done so.

✦Roblox or Roblox Studio crashes when you are not using it, or when trying to play a game.

✦You tried to log in to the Roblox website, but you can’ t do it anyway even though you have the correct username and password.

The possible solutions of all these problems are as follows:

Restart your computer

Roblox or another program may still be running during installation. So, first restart your computer and try to play again. In some instances, this may be enough to solve the problems with Roblox or Roblox Studio.

Shut down useless programs

Roblox, like any other game, requires a lot of memory and resources, which can be shared with other programs open in your computer without interest or use and just consume the memory and those other resources that your Roblox games require. You can close unwanted programs directly or from Task Manager.

-> Click on Ctrl + Shift + Esc shortcut key (to launch the Task Manager)

-> Select the unwanted programs

-> Click on End task

-> Run Roblox

Launch Roblox as a administrator

There are 2 options:

Option 1:

-> Go to the Roblox player

-> Right click on Roblox player

-> Select the Run as administrator option

-> Run Roblox

Option 2:

-> Go to Roblox player

-> Right click

-> Select Properties

-> Go to the Compatibility tab in the window Properties

-> Select Run this program as administrator

-> Click on Apply

-> Click on OK

-> Run Roblox

Change your Roblox game graphics mode and quality

Change the graphics quality of Roblox according to the power of your computer, so for a lower power computer, the graphics quality of Roblox should be low and if your computer is high power, in this case you can set the graphics quality of Roblox higher.

Computers with enough power can handle between 8 and 10.

Low-end computers should have a graphics level between 1 and 3.

Mid-end computers can use a graphics level between 4 and 7.

60 FPS (Frames Per Second) in your computer, is optimal for Roblox and most games.

To change your Roblox graphics and quality, do the following:

-> Join the Roblox game you want

-> Click on the Roblox icon in the upper left corner

-> Go to Settings

-> Scroll to Graphics Mode and change it from Automatic (default graphics mode that chooses the best graphics mode for your computer depending on your CPU or RAM) to Manual.

-> Drag the Graphics Quality slider to the left or right to decrease or increase the graphics quality

-> Restart Roblox

Disable your proxy settings

-> Launch the Run dialog box, hit the Windows logo key+R

-> Type inetcpl.cpl to open the Internet Properties window

-> Select the Connections tab

-> Click on LAN Settings

-> Uncheck the Use a proxy server for your LAN in the new window

-> Click on OK

-> Click on Apply

-> Run Roblox

Update your Windows drivers

The latest graphics drivers are absolutely needed to play games on your computer without interruption or hassle, and they can be downloaded and installed via Windows Update to keep your system fresh and up to date.

You can update your windows drivers manually or automatically as below.

Update your windows manually:

-> Click on Start

-> Select Settings

-> Select Windows Update (Depends on your Windows version)

-> Click on Check for updates

-> Run Roblox and check if the crashing has stopped.

-> Restart your computer

-> Wait for the updates to be done

-> Run Roblox

Update your Windows automatically:

-> Open the control panel

-> Select Hardware and Sound

-> Select View devices and printers

-> Right-click on the computer icons

-> Select Device installation settings

-> Click on Save Changes

-> Restart your computer

-> Wait for the updates to be done

-> Run Roblox

The video instructions for the six solutions are in the following video:

Disable your firewalls and security programs

Firewalls and security programs (antivirus and antimalware) attempt to control which programs are allowed into the internet. Usually, these programs are very careful and by default no program is allowed to access the internet. So, uncheck your internet firewall software and deactivate your antivirus for permission to join Roblox games and you can turn it back on later.

Disable your antivirus (example Avast antivirus)


-> Go to your antivirus application

-> Right click

-> Click on Avast shields control

-> Select Disable permanently

Or with the exception of Roblox only: If you are worried about putting your computer at risk.

> Click on Avast application

-> Click on Menu

-> Click on Settings

-> Click on General

-> Click on Exceptions


-> Click on Browse

-> Select Roblox player and Roblox Studio

-> Click on OK

✦ Disable your firewall

-> Click on Start

-> Click on Settings

-> Click on Update & Security

-> Click on Firewall & network protection

-> Click on Allow an app through firewall

-> Click on Change Settings

-> Click on Allow another app

-> Click on Browse in the new window

-> Search for Roblox player in your desktop, open it

-> Click on Open

-> Click on Add

-> Select Roblox Player

-> Select the type of network Roblox can access Public or Private

-> Click on OK

Delete your browser’s temporary files and Reinstall Roblox

The video instructions for the solutions 7 and 8 are in the following video:

Disable your web browser Extensions/Plugins/Add-Ons

The video instructions for the solution 9 are in the following video:

Enable Game Mode in Windows 10

Windows optimizes your computer to play Roblox games. Make sure your Game Mode is turned on and proceed as follows:

-> Click on Start

-> Click on Settings

-> Click on Gaming

-> Select Game Mode from the menu on the left

-> Turn On Game Mode

-> Run Roblox

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