Roblox Power Slap Simulator!

Power Slap is a slap-fighting game in which you have to show your power by slapping, but I didn’t succeed at all in this fight.

I’m going to train hard to win, don’t worry, and I’m willing to visit all the islands to participate in all the Train, Eggs and Fight courses.

There are always four areas on each island: Fight, Train, PVP and Eggs. To move from one island to the next, you need specific points.
Who will you beat on the first island at the start of the game?
There are various stages in the FIGHT area, from the simplest to the most difficult. I’ll start with the most difficult:
Davy Bazooka: The most impossible fighter with his size and strong muscles.
Firefighter: The crazy one
Chicken: This one is hard.

Mafia: Oh, this one’s challenging.

Footballer: I think his power is in his feet rather than his hands, that’s why he’s so good with beginners.

Bacon: Oh, this one’s easy, practice by staying on this stage.
Since you’ve got an idea about fighters in the first start island, are you going to start this game?
Wait, you need the energy. Train like a boxer at the TRAIN location and every time you hit the boxing bags you get more slapping power.

Gain energy according to levels:
Red: Gain 1 point for every hit with zero energy.
Yellow: Gain two points for each hit, but you must already have 300 points to start.
Green: Gain 4 points for each hit, but you must already have 1500.
Blue: Gain 8 points for each hit, but you must already have 3000.
Pink: Gain 16 points for each hit, but you must already have 10000.
Vip Yellow: Gain 100 points, this is for the VIP.
The PVP area allows you to fight with another player, click on “Battle” and wait for a second player. Slap other players to earn victories.

I’ve always waited but I quit in the end.

EGGS is one of my favorite places. Try your luck at having some pets, I mean, several animals chasing you, preventing the three magic eggs. These animals make you stronger.
I’ve had a lot of fun in this game, and I’m ready to fight anyone.

Don’t judge me from the video below because I’m still training.

Are you ready? Let’s fight!

But wait, I realized that I could escape this island to the winter one because I already have more than 5k.
Let’s go to the winter island. It’s pretty much the same thing, the same places as the first island except that the points, strengths and fighters are different and more powerful this time.
Things start to get more serious: who are you going to fight?
There are five fighters this time:

Easy Bacon Girl
Beginner Ninja
Challenging Fries
Hard Evil Santa
Impossible Frost Guard

If you want to escape winter, you’ll need 250k.
Where are you right now?

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