Should I Let My Child Play Roblox Online Game?

Should I Let My Child Play Roblox Online Game?

The gaming world has never attracted my attention, to be honest I never thought of writing a post about games, but since my goal is to share my experience with everyone especially parents who don’t know what to do with their children and the games they like to play online in their iPad or tablets, or how to decide which games are suitable for their children, and whether electronic games influence their children’s life, especially since these games are very numerous, and became a very popular feature. So, I did it, and I started to write about my experience with my son and the Roblox game. You know, sometimes children change our behaviors, our attitudes, and we still learn new experiences with them. The story began one day with the game Roblox, my son liked it very much, he heard his friend talking about it, and asked me if he could play it, and to install it in his iPad, I didn’t know what to do at that moment, because I didn’t want him to be interested in this kind of game at his age, it was ok for educational games and not for others. He kept on telling me why his friend, and his other friend, and… all play Roblox? why their parents allow them to play Roblox? So, I decided to find out more about this game and what it is exactly.

And how do I control my child in this game?

Are there any benefits or dangers in playing Roblox?

Keep on reading to learn more and see my conclusion.

►What is Roblox Online game?

According to Roblox website, a team of moderators is available anytime, 24/7, to handle reports of cyberbullying or inappropriate content and to provide assistance in minimizing safety and security issues, and I can honestly say that all my reports got resolved.

►Is Roblox safe for my kid?

Roblox is a secure platform for gaming if parents take the recommendations made by Roblox. The easiest way to keep a child safe is to have a shared family space where you supervise your child’s activity.

Everyone can play Roblox, except that the services vary according to the age of 13 years or older, because Roblox has a protection system that detects any inappropriate signal whether in the avatar, chat, messages especially for children who are not allowed to share their social networks in their profiles or play games designated for adults, you can report abuse also in your account, as I have already mentioned.

There are plenty of games for everyone, and most of the games are suitable for families which means that you can enjoy playing Roblox together with your child as a fun opportunity to discover what interests him the most. To simplify things, create an account and play with him that will be very fun! Trust me!

►How to play Roblox online game?

There is also Builders Club that you can join to benefit from level upgrades as well as in-app purchases, administrate various virtual worlds, remove annoying ads, order new equipment or clothes and improve your avatar appearance.

The number of Robux accumulated can be exchanged for real money under certain conditions.

You can sign up by entering your date of birth, username, password and gender.

In the phone or iPad. It’s the same as any other app installation.

Playing Roblox and installing Roblox Player on your browser requires a bit of attention.

➥ Visit Roblox’s website and log in to your account

➥ Browse to any of your games

➥ Click the green Play button

➥ A window will pop up notifying you that Roblox Player is being installed and the game will open automatically after installation.

Watch the video below for more details.

►Problems at Roblox online game

Should you encounter any difficulties playing Roblox, for example:

✦Is Roblox not found by your browser?

✦You are invited to install Roblox again despite having done so.

✦Roblox or Roblox Studio crashes when you are not using it, or when trying to play a game.

✦You tried to log in to the Roblox website, but you can’ t do it anyway even though you have the correct username and password.

The reason for these problems may be that:

✦Roblox or another program may still be running during installation: So first restart your computer and try to play again. In some instances, this may be enough to solve the problems with Roblox or Roblox Studio.

✦Firewalls and security programs: Firewalls and security programs (antivirus and antimalware) attempt to control which programs are allowed into the internet. Usually, these programs are very careful and by default no program is allowed to access the internet. So, uncheck your internet firewall software for permission to join Roblox games and you can turn it back on later.

►What’s good about Roblox?

Here’s how to install Roblox Studio:

➥ Visit Roblox’s website and log in to your account

➥ Browse to any of your games

➥ Click on the three dots in the top right corner

➥ Select Edit

➥ A window will pop up notifying you that Roblox Studio is being installed and will open

automatically after installation.

➥ Click on File

➥ Click on New to start building

Other ways to install Roblox studio are described in the following video.

Roblox allows children to create objects to suit their imagination, there are a few tutorials that kids can watch if they have never developed a game before. Based in my personal experience, my son was very happy to build his own house, have his little dog, he can build models and characters and monitor the way they move in his custom space, build structures and other objects in the Roblox studio. Roblox allows him to create virtual worlds, collect resources and explore multiple characters, and can even revisit his own creations, while sharing everything with other users. It’s much better than spending time watching videos or other people’s creations.

Also, whenever my son asks me for help in writing a word that he doesn’t know, if he wants to write a message, he learned a lot of words, based on what he builds in his game. He became very familiar with the keyboard of his laptop as well.

►My final advice

Physical activities such as practicing a sport are very important for our children and remain a unique and precious thing. Nowadays, the world has changed the way of learning, teaching and playing. And even the practice of sports has gone online, and in games as well. Obviously, this won’t change the way we do parenting, but we won’t keep our kids away from online games forever, discover the good side of the game rather than the bad, watch them, share and play with them, in other words that’s what I did with Roblox.

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