Your Computer Time is Wrong? Here’s How to Set its Exact Time

The computer clock is quite important for keeping accurate time as any other clock.

If the desktop of your work is in your computer, you probably keep an eye on the date and time whenever you want to know the current time. It can be frustrating to make a mistake or to follow a wrong time and can even create costly problems in your work. An out-of-time clock may affect the tools you use on your computer.

A computer with an incorrectly set clock prevents its system from performing the tasks you have programmed it to do, and when your computer time is wrong, it will be difficult for you to find information about files you have created, because your computer organizes these files chronologically according to the dates you created them and tries to identify them by the current date and time. It’s like having a memory lapse to remember where something was dropped off. This will make your computer synchronize with a wrong time server.

Do you ever start your computer and find it set to a time in the past or future even though you have already set it? If YES! And to to avoid all these issues, here’s how to set your computer time and time zone.

Watch the video below to follow all the steps in details.

On Windows 10

2/ Click on

↪ Start

↪ Settings

↪ Time & language

↪ Date & time

3/ Click on

↪ Notification on the taskbar

↪ All settings

↪ Time & Language

↪ Date & time

4/ Or right click on

↪ The notification on the taskbar

↪ Open action center

↪ All settings

↪ Time & Language

↪ Date & time

5/ Right click on

↪ The clock or the date and time on the taskbar

↪ Adjust date/time

↪Turn on “Adjust for daylight saving time automatically “

↪Turn on “Set time automatically”

↪Turn on “Set time zone automatically”

It’s all over.

⮫ To set your time and time zone manually

↪Turn off “Set time automatically”

↪ Click on “Change” button

↪ Fill in the settings you want to use

↪ Click on “change” button

↪Turn off Set time zone automatically

select the time zone you prefer, and you may turn off “Adjust for daylight saving time automatically”

On Windows 7,8, and Vista

1/ Click on

↪ Start

↪ Control panel

↪ Clock, Language, and Region

↪ Date and Time

2/ Click on

↪ The clock or the date and time on the taskbar

↪ Change date and time settings

3/ Right click on

↪ The clock or the date and time on the taskbar

↪ Adjust date/time

↪ Change date and time

↪ You can change the time and date in the small window that appears with a calendar, using the arrows from right to left to change the date, or up and down to change the time.

↪ Click OK

↪ Click on “Change time zone”

↪ Turn on “Automatically adjust clock for Daylight Saving Time”

↪ Click OK

↪ Click “Apply” when finished to confirm your change

That’s it! If this post was useful to you, please make sure to leave me a good comment.

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