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Would you like to have a sweet adventure at Mr. Gumdrop’s candy store?

Be prepared, don’t worry, it’s sugar all over the place. Candy and lollipop all over the place.
Yes, Mr. Gumdrop will be away for a few days, but he has left his famous two henchmen, Clyde and Mr. Gumball, to guard the evilest candy store in the universe!
Dare you enter this store? I’m already inside.

No stealing! They are always watching! That’s what we ask before you start.

Susy is there every time you move forward and to guide you to the next steps.

I really should be running for my life!!!! Time to escape!

SUSY: I can’t believe we’re trapped in this evil candyshop! this is so cwazy!!! Quick, let’s escape!

My god how much candy!
No, I must resist to escape!

Susy is here don’t worry, follow him!

Wow, there’s candy everywhere!
Lollipops of all colors, but no, I’ve got to keep going!

What should I do now?
The arrow points down, so I have to go down and jump!

Is that chocolate I see?
Of course, it’s chocolate! Can I eat a little and go on?
Oh, I can’t, I’ve got to escape before it’s too late!

Oh, look out! I mustn’t fall!


And here’s a candy giant driving to the other side!
Sounds like fun!

Susy is always watching!

I’m going to jump now!
Wow! I’m going to slip over there to get to the other side!
This escape looks like a lot of fun!

Let’s go!

Who is there again? Susy!

SUSY: Peekaboo!!!, a mysterious door! Let’s pop it. Open and see What’s hiding, shall we?

Ok Susy!

I hear weird laughter! Oh my god, things won’t be fun anymore!

Is that you, Clyde? Can I play with you? Give me a lollipop!

He doesn’t seem happy to see me! I’d better get out of here!
Continue our adventure! I found the key finally!

Run, run, run!
Yes! Run non-stop!

Finally, I’ve escaped!

Let’s get on with it!

What a wide place! Be careful you can’t fall, or else the train will crush you!

Someone’s waiting for me! Susy again!

SUSY: HAHA, there’s so much candy in here!!! But be warned MR. Cumball lurks nearby!

Mr. Cumball is here? what? Yes, get ready for this guardian who’s not going to leave you without eliminating you with these bombs all the time, it’s wartime, get ready!

I must escape quickly! It seems there’s a war on!

My gun! Let’s fight then!

Yes! I got rid of Mr. Cumball!

What’s next? I see I’m not alone!

Find a ladder! Where?

Is it here? Yes!

I see, I have to put it here to climb the stairs!

I wonder where this is going.

What? Candy?
I’m going to fall down directly on the candy?

This is my favorite part, falling on the candies, swimming in the candies. don’t let the candies turn you on, it’s not the end of the mission yet, you’re still detained. You have to escape!

But I love candy! Yoppi! It’s not bad to have a little bit to eat! Enjoy it!

Now that I’ve eaten the candy I can jump higher and higher!

Actually, I’m very happy!

Okay, I have to do jumps now!

See below, Who’s down there? Oh, a jump button! So much fun!

I wonder what’s behind that door! Oh, more escapes! Let’s go!

This escape isn’t easy, it’s making me slip! Oh my God, it’s pushing me back, but I’m trying not to fall!

Let’s go! Hit the buttons!

Hurry up, because your ears are going to explode from a terrible noise!

Another door but this time without Susy haha!

And here’s another jump and another escape, I don’t want to fall on those spikes!

Where’s the exit, oh down there, I see, I have to jump.

But what do I see? Susy? See what mission he’s going to give me!

Susy: This Place is gonna give me a bwain fwwweeze!!!!!! It’s time to race!

Racing a car?
2, 1… Gooooooo!

I can’t go on with this race, can you? I can’t go on, I’m stopping here!

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