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Roblox includes everything that comes to your head in games. Personally, I love the word OBBY.
Obby is a term that means be prepared for a parkour full of obstacles. Yes, a series of challenges, from the easiest to the most difficult, from which you have to escape using all the skills and intelligence you possess to get through to the end.
Obby in Roblox games is one of my favorite kinds of game.
I love these types of games because I can use all my skills to get through. I have to jump, run and also fight against the enemy.
It’s a kind of real combat in the imagination, I have to be strong to lift obstacles at each control point.

Physical strength isn’t enough sometimes, you’ve got to be clever to raise riddles or find the easiest way forward otherwise you’ll be wasting your energy for nothing, and you won’t keep going.
Use all your tools, including your vision, to find the hidden ones that may be close at your hand.
Sometimes it simply ends like obby parkour, and other times it takes much longer to complete in a story or mission, since the obstacles never end.
Relax your hands now and get ready for this batch of my favorite Roblox obby games, in which you’ll find yourself locked up in various places whose services are never provided as normal, such as a hospital, a restaurant and more.

In this game, you will play the role of a security guard for Mr. Funny’s toy shop. As you make sure nothing gets stolen, a power problem arises which is turned on during the night shift. The turned-on power will put you in several obstacles with Mr. Funny Dummy.

Game’s Name: Escape Mr Funny’s ToyShop! (SCARY OBBY) / By @PlatinumFalls

Link to play this game: Roblox escape Mr Funny’s ToyShop

In this gameplay, you have to scape Amanda by completing obstacles, beating puzzles and much more.

Game’s Name: AMANDA’S ESCAPE! (Obby!) / By 8man Games Link to play this game: Roblox AMANDA’S ESCAPE

In this video you will see how hard it is to resist the smell of the cookies that grandma has baked for dinner, I will steal some and run away so granny can’t catch me in both easy and hard modes.

Game’s Name: GRUMPY GRAN! (SCARY OBBY) / By @PlatinumFalls

Link to play this game: Roblox GRUMPY GRAN

Can you finish this glass of bridge?

Game’s Name: 1% Win Obby / By Banana Studios Something

Link to play this game: Roblox 1% Win Obby

Hope you liked this short list of games, but if you want to discover more Roblox games just click here.

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