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Roblox Quick Login, NO Password/Username

How to login to Roblox without password and username?Roblox makes it easy to log in to your Roblox account without having to enter your login information. How does it work? Through a special method called “Quick Login“.

What is Roblox quick login?
Roblox quick login is a type of connection that allows you to connect to a device without entering your Roblox login information (username and password) using the authorization of another device you are already connected to.
To clarify, you are already logged in to your Roblox account in one device and you want to log in to a second device close to your device where you are already logged in, make sure your two devices are close to each other.

You will allow your device (where you are already logged in) to give access to the second device to log in to your Roblox account without entering the password, email, phone number or username, just by a code.

It seems you’ll like it, if so, follow the steps below to activate this method. Remember to check that you have installed the latest version of the Roblox application or if you need to update it to avoid any potential trouble.
-> Open the Roblox login page on the second device you want to connect to.
-> Click on “Another Logged in Device“.

A small window opens with a code of six characters and instructions at the bottom of what you will do with your code: GO TO YOUR LOGGED IN DEVICE TO ENTER THIS CODE AND EXPLORE.

Now go to your device where you are already connected and do the following:
-> Go to your account settings.
-> Click on “Quick Log In“.

In the photo below I’m already connected to my cell phone and I’m going to connect to my laptop with this code.

-> Enter your one-time code (valid only for five minutes) displayed on the device where you want to connect. Beware not to share your code with anyone.

It’s strictly recommended to respect two things to avoid any problems.

-> Click “Enter” after entering the code (which appears on the device where you want to connect) in the device where you are already connected.

-> Click on “Confirm Login” to allow the new device into your Roblox account. The warning message indicates the localization of the second device where your Roblox account is going to connect.

If you receive an option that allows you to log in with a QR code instead of a six-character code, you must first install any QR code scanner on the device you are already connected to.
In this case, the device connected to your Roblox account will read the QR code that appears on your second device, and give it access to connect to your account.

The same steps take place except that the difference is how the code is entered, either by scanning it or by entering it.

If the procedure went well, a message would appear indicating that the authorization operation has been successfully completed, just watch out for the magical moment when your Roblox account suddenly opens in the new device without a password or other information.

You are now connected to your Roblox account on two devices, just press “Done” to close.

According to Roblox page, this method will not be allowed for all players and same thing on Xbox so far.

Video tutorial:

If you want to see how it actually works, watch the following video in the 4:31 minute slot.

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