Roblox Escape Games!

Do you like to be chased in a game with several obstacles to overcome and different stages that become increasingly more challenging or of higher difficulty?

You should know that most of these games end with a battle or war of some kind that will decide your winnings at the close of play.
Let’s take a look at this list of the best-known Roblox escape games.

->Escape Evil Janitor Obby (First Person Obby)!

In this video, you rea going to run away from a terrible school before Joe the evil janitor finds you!

Game’s Name: Escape Evil Janitor Obby (FIRST PERSON OBBY!) / By Protein Cookie Creations.

Link to play this game: Escape Evil Janitor Obby

->Roblox Escape the Farm Obby!

It is one of the best escape games, it’s a fun game full of obstacles in which you will be forced to walk, run and jump continuously in long parkour of several stages to be able to exit a farm.

Game’s Name: Escape The Farm Obby / By wasdqhwe

Link to play this game: Escape The Farm Obby

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