Two Great Companies to Start Working as a Freelance Translator

If you are starting a career as a freelance translator for the first time, I would like to offer you a list of two sites where you can start your translator job as a beginner or a professional.

First, let me explain how working as a freelance translator is a very important career and how it works overall.

►What is the translation jobs?

Translation work consists of conveying the meaning of a text from your mother tongue to the language you are translating or the opposite.

Translation job is highly required in every field and expertise, in Medicine, Industry, Travel, Tourism, Science…. all over, so make sure which field you feel most familiar with to make your way. That’ s very important for your translation career, eventually you will even become a specialist in certain fields, and you will also track your translation performance daily.

►What online translation jobs is all about?

Working in the field of online translation is very interesting because it allows you to earn money on one side and develop your skills and levels on the other side.

This job is also an ideal opportunity for working as a translator from home to people whose circumstances do not allow them to leave their place of residence, as they can work from anywhere in the world at any time and place, they wish.

Basically, you should be proficient in two languages to start with, your mother tongue and the language you are going to translate into. If you are perfect in more than two languages, then you can achieve even greater success.

Personally, this work has strengthened my languages and allowed me to know more and more about translation rules. It was a great experience to meet people and customers as well as an important income, which is the goal of every person starting a career.

►What are the process of translation in language?

Before accepting any project, please follow these translation rules:

Respect the delivery time: This is among the most important things in this job in addition to the quality. Your project has a deadline for completion, meaning that your client will give you a deadline for sending him/her the requested translation. If you fail to meet this deadline, do not accept the project. Occasionally, translation projects are offered to you in one time, so accept the number of projects you are able to handle carefully, the main thing is keeping your clients or the work with your company, think about the coming future, about your long career instead of the current situation.

Analyze the project: Make sure you are familiar with the subject matter of the project you are translating, the better you know what you are translating the better your translation will be.

Check for mistakes: Often you receive projects with unopened files, misspellings, or with words, sentences or paragraphs not linked to the source language. In this case, contact your client and mention this problem to send you a project with a clear and correct text.

Check if there is a note: If all the above steps are done without any problems, then start your work and research, but be careful if there is a note from your client that needs to be respected, such as not translating a word, or what a word in the project means.

Once completed, send your work in perfect condition, on time and gain the trust of your client.

Remember that any project requires Translation, Editing and Proofreading. Editing and Proofreading are another job, therefore if you are going to perform this extra work, include it in your price and be specific about the service you offer and which one you are proficient in.

Now read below the two translation sites I mentioned previously:

► Fairlingo:

Fairlingo is perfect for both beginners and professional translators. To start you just need to create your account and complete your profile.

Online translation job.

You can add your translation experience and start at an experienced level. You can start taking new assignments in translation, revision, and post-editing as soon as they become available.

Your level in translation will be based on the following points:

Accepting a translation assignment: +50 points

For every translated word: +1 point

For every 3 revised words: +1 point

The earnings for each translated word are:

Assignment level regular: € 0.03

Assignment level specialized: € 0.06

You must score at least 6 out of 10 as a translator to receive assignments. With an average score of 8 or higher, more assignments will come your way, and you will get them faster.

Online translation job.

You can get paid via PayPal two weeks after finishing an assignment without a minimum amount for payouts.

I’d just like to add that I’ve been with Fairlingo for five years now and I’ve never had any problems or late payments.

► is another online translation job for beginners to work from home and start your career.

Simply register as a translator, take a test, translate a text, and get paid. Every task is first come, first serve.

freelance translator job

Your gain at the beginning will not be much because you start as a Post-Machine Editor, after translating a number of words you will move on to Copy Editor in your language-pair and finally to Expert Language, but the more languages pairs you have, the more work you will receive.

freelance translator job

To make a withdrawal directly to your PayPal account, you must have a balance of $20 or more.

Here are some other translation companies:


I advise you not to despair if you don’t earn or achieve what you hoped for at the beginning, it’s a normal thing, because it will just be the starting point of a step that you will share one day about your career and good luck with your Freelance Translation Work.


3 responses to “Two Great Companies to Start Working as a Freelance Translator”

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  2. Мy fairlingo rating is 0/10. How can i upgrade it? Thank you


    1. Hi, each time you do a job, your level changes from beginner to professional and your rating moves up.
      You are very welcome for any other questions!


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