Rent Assistance Program for Families Affected by Covid-19

One of the bills that makes most households, especially low-income earners, tired is the cost of rent. Half if not all of the salary earned goes just for rent, not including food, gas, health, internet, phone bills, and more. I mean people who live in a low-income household, that means it’s already help?! If you exceed the incomes, you will not be eligible to live there.

But there are programs and aids always here, even if it is not done in a continuous way and that I really regret because the rent programs are obtained by people in dangerous situation or emergency rental assistance in most of the times, it requires that you exceed the payment date (late rent payment) and that’s what let people find any job to not miss the days of payments, or they will be in risk of evacuation instead of breaking the head and waiting for these aids with patience if they are eligible at first. Low support (in number of programs) and difficult requirements in short.

We are not going to see the bad sides of this issue, let’s just remember that there are people and programs that are doing everything possible to help. Among them I mention those below.

➤ Hispanic Federation

The Hispanic Federation opens its hands for people who need help with rent payment.

This rent assistance is available to Orange County residents who are in late rent payment, have lived in Orange County for 12 successive months and are affected by Covid-19 whether through illness or loss of work.

➤ Jewish Family Services (JFS)

Jewish Family Services (JFS) Orlando CARES has started accepting new applications for emergency financial assistance for the people living in Orange County who were affected by COVID-19. With this program, up to three months of rental assistance will be available for those who qualify. All funds are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.


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