Operation Green Light for Suspended License

Operation Green Light for Suspended License

Do you live in Orange County Florida?

Your license was suspended? and you may not know how to reinstate license?

This post may concern you.

Operation Green Light helps and assists Orange County residents who have outstanding traffic tickets or criminal fines with suspended licenses to complete an online application with a convenient payment plan option that allows them to have their suspended driver’s license reinstated once all conditions are met.

This operation was opened exclusively in order to avoid requiring people to physically attend the offices to settle their situation, according to the Clerk’s Office this online event is designed to realize the social distance because of covid-19.

If this is your case, simply go to My Orange Clerk page during the week of February 22nd to 26th to submit your application.

To start, hit “Click here to apply” at the bottom of the page. Fill out the online form in the window that opens with your last name/first name, phone number, date of birth, case number, citation number and attach any documents to submit payment for your traffic tickets or criminal fines.

Should you need help, click on the “Live Agent” icon at the bottom right of the application, where you can select from various ways to speak with the customer service in real time.

According to My Orange Clerk, the answer to each request will be via email and may require several days.

By phone: 407-836-2000 / from 8 AM to 4 PM.

Or by mail at the following address 425 N. Orange Ave. Orlando, FL 32801.

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