Get Paid to Visit Websites and Click on URLs

Many years ago, I tried several sites where you click and get paid on the ads to earn money. You can imagine how much time I lost for a few cents that I only picked up after a week if they pick up first. I don’t want to mention these sites out here since I only share what I like and what others may be interested in.

What is SerpClix?

SerpClix is a site that pays you to visit websites and click URL, anyone from any country can work for SerpClix. You can earn between $0.05 to $0.10 per click in addition to 10% for referral commission.

The amount of money you received for clicking a website is determined by your location.

United States – $0.10 per click

United Kingdom – $0.07 per click

Canada – $0.07 per click

Germany – $0.07 per click

Australia – $0.07 per click

Any Other Countries – $0.05 per click

Payment is sent automatically via PayPal to the email address you entered when you created your account, within the first week of each month, for the total of your previous month’s earnings from sites visits. The minimum payment is $5.

After your SerpClix sign up and registration, you will need to install SerpClix browser extension (Firefox) that detects the country of your IP address and shows you what keyword to find, which website to click and how long to stay on the page.

online paid website

Personally, what I liked in SerpClix is that I don’t waste my time waiting for orders to arrive because I can use the browser notification for any available orders and after clicking, I stay only a few seconds to get paid to click, which is not the case for the other sites I have tried.

online paid website

My highest payment was $70.50 and if you see a low payment, it means I have not worked this month. The more you finish the clicks, the more work you get, which is a very good opportunity to make a little more money online by simply browsing websites and get paid to click.

There are two things you need to pay attention to, so that your account won’t be banned:

– Use only one account per household

– Do not use a proxy or VPN

Further instructions and important warnings are always indicated on the relevant orders page or the page of your assignment.

online paid website

If you are willing to try this job, please let me know how it turned out.

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